Willem van Leeuwen


Program Chair, Arid Lands

Associate Director of Development

Arid Lands


Examining habitat, post wildfire recovery, land degradation, land use/cover, climate variability, human impacts on land surface phenology, employing remote sensing and geospatial tools. Global and regional agriculture and natural resource monitoring.


Remote Sensing for the Study of Planet Earth; Remote Sensing our Biosphere, Percepción Remota del Ambiente; Biogeography; Physical Geography Seminar: Coupled Human and Natural Systems, Geography of Phenology; Field Study of Environmental Geography.


  • Ph.D., 1995, University of Arizona, College of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences, Dept. of Soil, Water and Environmental Science Tucson, Arizona.
  • M.S., 1988, Wageningen University for Life Sciences, Department of Soil Science, Wageningen, The Netherlands.
  • B.S., 1986, Wageningen University for Life Sciences, Wageningen, The Netherlands.