SNRE-Recommended Backyard Projects While Staying Home

May 6, 2020

In past issues of The Horizon, we showcased the native beauty found in our own backyards and encouraged getting daily doses of nature views. In this issue, SNRE faculty Dr. Elise Gornish, Dr. Erin Posthumus, and Dr. Katy Prudic recommend some interactive activities that are fun for both kids and adults. Not only do these activities get children outside and engaging in new skills to learn about ecology , but these efforts can also help fight against habitat loss and population declines of the native pollinators that help feed us. That's like a win-win-win-win!  Read the entire story here to get the full details.

"Spending time in nature is restorative. It can be part of the way you take a breath and reflect on some of the amazing things still happening all around you?Also, you are helping some scientist at her kitchen table create knowledge that will help butterflies and their allies now and in the future.? ~ Katy Prudic


  1. Build a backyard pollinator garden to support native insects, bats, and  hummingbirds (see this 30-second video for some quick tips)
  2. Build a bee or bat house to provide shelter during harsh weather
  3. Become a citizen scientist!  Help collect data for scientists in your own backyard by submitting your      observations to Nature?s Notebook, eButterfly, or iNaturalist.

Slideshow Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash