Climate Adaptation and Sustainability

We develop new practices to enhance natural resource sustainability in response to the profound impacts of climate variability and environmental change.

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Conservation Biology

2 people looking at plant specimen

We focus on maintaining and protecting species, the natural processes that affect them, and their habitats and surrounding ecosystems.

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Conservation Genetics and Molecular Ecology

young woman working in a lab

We gather genetic data, using a variety of cutting-edge tools, to address important conservation and ecological issues.

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Decomposition in Drylands: Soil Erosion and UV Interactions

woman studying soil and land

Through novel research, we seek to obtain new insights into processes that affect soil fertility and carbon storage in dry lands.

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students with instructor inspect a river

We draw upon both ecology and hydrology to solve challenges related to managing water and other natural resources, especially in arid and semiarid ecosystems.

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Ecology, Management, and Restoration of Rangelands

students and instructor on mountain range

We conduct research that helps us better understand rangelands and ensure that these critical places will remain productive and healthy into the future.

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Ecosystem Services

person studying water in a marsh

We explore the benefits of healthy ecosystems so decision-makers and institutions can factor their protection into policies and regulations.

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Fire Ecology

plant growth after forest fire

We study fire as a biophysical process to help move fire management toward sustainable models that maintain ecosystem function, while protecting human life and property.

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Fisheries Conservation and Management

men fishing at shoreline with a net

We focus on topics critical to fisheries, from the propagation of threatened and endangered desert fish to human impacts on inland aquatic ecosystems.

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Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management

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We seek to better understand how people decide the value and use of natural resources and the outcomes of those decisions.

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Invasive Species Ecology

photo of peppervine

We conduct research on how to control invasive species and mitigate the serious economic and ecological problems they cause across the globe.

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Natural Products Discovery and Development

hands around a plant growth in the ground

We engage in research to discover small-molecule natural products and microorganisms for potential cancer-fighting drugs, biosynthesis, and sustainable agriculture.

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Natural Resources Policy

Our faculty investigate questions at the interface of natural science and environmental policy.

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woman studying a plant

We explore how events in biological life cycles can affect nearly all aspects of the environment, including the diversity of organisms, ecosystem health, and food webs.

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Population and Community Ecology

butterfly species on a leaf

We develop effective conservation and recovery strategies for rare species and sustainable management strategies for harvested species.

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Remote Sensing

Geographic Information Systems

We use geospatial information technologies to track ecological and climatic patterns and address issues in environmental and natural resource management.

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Restoration Ecology

We conduct research on ways to initiate or accelerate the recovery of an ecosystem, with respect to its health, integrity, and sustainability.

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Special Research Units

photo of cactus at sunrise

Arizona and the Southwest provide a unique setting for researchers to explore the desert and our natural and cultural resources.

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Watershed Management

river and mountain scenery

By studying a watershed’s characteristics, we aim to help create and implement plans, projects, and programs that will sustain and enhance its functions.

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Wild Cat Conservation

person bottle feeding a wild cat

We work in the field of conservation, especially as it relates to wild cats, from our own “backyard” of Tucson to habitats and species across the world.

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Wildlife Conservation and Management

student at zoo

We focus on animal histories and interrelationships to develop strategies for sustaining diversity, improving conditions, and maintaining environmental quality.

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Connecting the university with our communities

Our statewide network of faculty and staff fulfills our mission to educate and serve our communities by developing and sharing new knowledge and technologies to address challenges related to agricultural production, economic development, and the natural environment.

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