Seminar Series

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Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
Jan. 12 2022 Faculty Introductions    
Jan. 19 2022 Faculty Introductions    
Jan. 26 2022 Valerie Trouet University of Arizona Diversity and Bias in the Earth & Environmental Sciences
Feb. 2 2022 David Pietz University of Arizona Environmental conservation history
Feb. 9 2022 Albert Barberan University of Arizona Plant-soil interactions
Feb. 16 2022 Jennifer Verdolin University of Arizona COP 26
Feb. 23 2022 TBD    
March 2 2022 Katherine Zeller USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Wildlife connectivity
March 16 2022 Mark Thorne University of Hawaii Manoa Invasive species and biosecurity
March 30 2022 Cassandra Nuñez The University of Memphis Feral horses (Equus caballus) as a model
April 6 2022 Hailey Wilmer USDA-ARS TBD
April 13 2022 Lynn Huntsinger UC Berkeley Afforestation
April 20 2022 Laura Lopez-Hoffman University of Arizona TBD
April 27 2022 Bret Pasch University of Arizona New faculty talk
May 4 2022 TBD    


Upcoming seminars have not been posted yet.