Seminar Series

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Date Speaker Affiliation Topic/Title
Jan. 12 2022 Faculty Introductions    
Jan. 19 2022 Faculty Introductions    
Jan. 26 2022 Valerie Trouet University of Arizona Diversity and Bias in the Earth & Environmental Sciences
Feb. 2 2022 David Pietz University of Arizona Extinction, conservation, and environmental history in the Yangtze River
Feb. 9 2022 Albert Barberan University of Arizona Harnessing soil metagenomics for dryland ecological restoration
Feb. 16 2022 Jennifer Verdolin University of Arizona Engaging Students Virtually: COP26 and Beyond
Feb. 23 2022 Ellen Bledsoe University of Arizona Data Rescue: Saving Environmental Data from Extinction
March 2 2022 Katherine Zeller USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Estimating connectivity for landscape conservation: opportunities, pitfalls, and other considerations
March 16 2022 Mark Thorne University of Hawaii Manoa Two-lined spittlebug (Prosapia bicincta): A Pasture Pest in Paradise
March 30 2022 Cassandra Nuñez The University of Memphis

The best laid plans of mares and men: Some potential pitfalls of contraception management

April 6 2022 Hailey Wilmer USDA-ARS Rancher Local Knowledge: Insights for collaboration, conservation, and rural well-being
April 13 2022 Lynn Huntsinger UC Berkeley Afforestation
April 20 2022 Liesl Carr Childers University of Arizona A Matter of Mustangs: Doing Environmental History of Horses
April 27 2022 Bret Pasch University of Arizona New faculty talk
May 4 2022 Laura Lopez-Hoffman   Bringing NEPA Into the 21st Century Through the Power of Data Science


Upcoming seminars have not been posted yet.