Making a Business Office Request

submit A Business Office Request

  • Admin: Building Access/ Key Request Form, Room Reservations, Web Profile Request, Other

  • HR: Hiring Requests, Recruitment Request, DCC Requests, Promotion/Pay Increase/Title Change, Timesheet Help and Other HR Help

  • PCard/Reimbursements: Submit PCard documentation, Department PCard Checkout, Personal Reimbursement Requests, Travel Reimbursement Requests, Non-Employee Reimbursements

  • Payment/Ordering Request (ex. Invoice, Purchase Order, Shop Catalogs)

  • Financial: Account Reconciliation Meeting Request, Account Help (Incl. Grant accounts), Other

Submit a Travel Authorization Request

To view all signed travel authorizations for you or your team, including blanket travel authorizations, go here: SNRE Travel Auth Lookup

Submit a Voyager Receipt

Official Templates, Directories & Guidelines 

Proposal Writing Information

When preparing proposals in which the School of Natural Resources and the Environment is the lead, or before sharing a draft budget with a sponsor, please contact:

Lynn Frazier, grants and contracts manager


Here are additional resources:


Here are key policy and procedure documents related to purchasing and the “PCard” (purchasing card):

Be aware that PCard documentation needs to be submitted within three days of purchase per university and department policies:


Information about travel-related policies and forms, including travel authorization and reimbursement, can be obtained through Financial Services. Additional forms related to international travel registration and risks also are required. Allow one month for international travel approval.

Before you travel

You must have an approved travel authorization on file before traveling on university business. To submit a Travel Authorization use the Travel form found here:

To view all signed travel authorizations for you or your team, including blanket travel authorizations, go here: SNRE Travel Auth Lookup 

Fiscal-Year Blanket Travel Authorizations are allowable and may be obtained for frequent in-state travel activities. There are two types of blanket travel authorizations, one for fieldwork/research activities and one for meetings/conferences. Every year the business office will issue blanket travel authorizations to all faculty, research staff, teaching/research assistant and associated student workers. You should receive copies, if not please submit a request here.

Here is other helpful travel information:

  • Visit here to reserve a rental vehicle from the University of Arizona Motor Pool.
  • Visit here to request Mexican insurance coverage for school vehicles.
  • Go here for details on the university rental car policy. 


For personal and travel reimbursements use this form: and go to PCard/Reimbursements then Personal Reimbursement Request or Travel Reimbursement Request.


Here are sites or forms with key information about hiring policies or procedures:

Here are hiring forms that are specific to the School of Natural Resources and the Environment

Graduate student hiring:



Keys and Building Access:

Room Reservations: 

For requesting an SNRE room use this form: More details about procedures, tech, and available rooms here: Room Reservations

Website Forms:

Submit website profile update requests to

Account Balance Lookups:

Academic Forms for Faculty