Parker Geffre

Research Technician I

Meredith Lab

Watershed Management and Ecohydrology


My research interests are at a crossroads of functional genomics and atmospheric chemistry. My research focuses on inking volatile organic compound (VOC) soil-atmosphere flux to soil microbial function through isotopic substrate labeling and low-cost VOC sensor development. I also work to bridge knowledge gaps in the soil VOC field and promote soil volatilomic studies by compiling data from a variety of studies to generate an open-access soil VOC database.

From Meredith Lab Website:

Research in the Meredith Lab aims to resolve the microbial imprint on ecosystem processes and atmospheric chemistry. Trace gases are important, but often overlooked, microbial metabolites, and microbial processes can have a leading order impact on atmospheric composition of trace gases. We constrain genetic traits for trace gas metabolism by linking microbial taxa, genes, and trace gas production and consumption kinetics in predictive trait models. Although microbes voraciously cycle trace gases in the complex soil matrix, it is challenging to measure gases at scales that capture variability in time (‘hot moments’) and space (‘hot spots’, gradients). We develop new tools to constrain microbial gas cycling in the subsurface, including novel soil gas probing systems and sensors. Even after microbial processes are understood at the small scale, they must be scaled-up and considered alongside other interacting biotic and abiotic processes in ecosystems and landscapes. We use experimental ecosystems to directly evaluate the emergent outcomes of environmental forcings on ecosystems and collaborate with land surface modelers to implement and improve representation of microbial processes. 


  • Honors B.S in Biochemistry, 2023, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
  • B.S in Molecular Cellular Biology, 2023, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ