Spend your winter break in the Amazon rainforest exploring one of the world’s most biodiverse regions. You will contribute to the biodiversity and conservation research at an Ecuadorian field station hosted by the local Huaorani tribe.  

Explore rainforest biodiversity in Ecuador


Immerse yourself in social and environmental research conservation issues in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands. You’ll experience two distinct geographical areas: the Midriff Islands of the Gulf of California in partnership with Prescott College Kino Bay Center and the indigenous Comcaac community, and the tropical dry forest and Campesino communities of the Alamos, Sonora, Region partnering with the Reserve Monte Mojino. 

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Conduct hands-on field research while learning about different ecosystems, their conservation status, and management options. You’ll experience Namibia’s natural beauty by visiting field research stations, reserves, national parks, and conservation organizations. 

Explore desert ecology and conservation biology in Namibia


Explore Nepalese communities and learn about the cultural influences of two distinct religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as the economic value of conservation in rural communities. You will explore Chitwan National Park where you will see and learn about 70 species of mammal including large populations of rhinoceros, tigers, and elephants, as well as 500 species of birds. 

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