Welcome from the Director

Thank you for visiting the website for the School of Natural Resources and the Environment!

Our goal is to be a world leader in pursuing science that helps society:

  1. Understand the impacts of environmental change on our natural resources.
  2. Adapt to environmental challenges.
  3. Develop management strategies for sustainable solutions.

Our faculty, students, and staff take great pride in doing problem-solving research, teaching, and Cooperative Extension work that encompasses all aspects of environmental stewardship. We pursue this goal with all available tools.

Our research answers important questions about how ecosystems respond to environmental and human pressures. We develop strategies to mitigate these effects and to create and maintain healthy and sustainable ecological systems. We focus on ecosystem function, conservation biology, and natural resource management, on both a local and continental scale. We use cutting-edge monitoring tools and geospatial technologies, such as Geographic Information System mapping, drone and satellite data and modeling, to develop new ways to protect our most valuable resources.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs focus on real-world problems and experiences, preparing students for the demands of leadership in natural resource science and management. If you are a student, you can tailor your degree to suit your interests and career goals. We want our students to gain both the theoretical and practical skills needed to be the resource managers of the future.

The School of Natural Resources and the Environment is unique among our peers in its breadth of focus and depth of expertise. Our teaching and research integrate biology, physical science, resource management, and international resource issues. We are unmatched in the number and diversity of partnerships we have established with organizations in Tucson and beyond and with county, state, and federal agencies. We foster an atmosphere of collaboration and collegiality.

In addition, we are focused on building a diverse and welcoming environment. We are committed to ensuring that our school community respects and embraces diversity, and we encourage and support activities that promote a genuine climate of mutual respect, empathy, and inclusion.

Here’s a video to see all that we have to offer. Or dig into the website to get more information about our undergraduate majors, our graduate programs, our research, or our people, found under “Directory” on our homepage.

Thank you for your interest and let us know if we can answer any of your questions!

Kathryn Stoner

Professor and Director

School of Natural Resources and the Environment