The School of Natural Resources and the Environment is committed to maintaining and enhancing a diverse and inclusive environment within and outside the school by:

  • Actively building a diverse and welcoming environment for all.
  • Ensuring that the school community respects and embraces diversity.
  • Encouraging and supporting activities and conversations that promote a genuine climate of mutual respect, empathy, and inclusion.

The Inclusive Excellence Committee is part of the School of Natural Resources and the Environment’s attempt to promote this effort.

Mission: We encourage and promote a diverse, inclusive, and equitable school by building community and supporting learning, facilitating information exchange, and developing and assessing policy.

Goals: Our overall aim is an enhanced learning environment in SNRE by embracing the cumulative intellect and perspectives that extend from cultural and demographic diversity. Our overall objectives include bringing awareness to issues of inclusion and diversity, building trust and reassurance by creating a welcoming, respectful community that honors multicultural backgrounds, and serving as an example to other schools and departments.