About the Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Undergraduate Certificate

You’ll gain an understanding of the broader spectrum of conservation efforts, including the role zoological parks and aquariums play in education and captive breeding. This certificate prepares you to pursue a career in zoological parks and aquariums.

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Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Courses

You’ll complete 12 units of coursework, typically including an internship and three classes, from the following list of courses: 

  • Zoo and Aquarium Conservation
  • Conservation Genetics
  • Applied Animal Nutrition
  • Physiology of Reproduction Lecture and Laboratory
  • Animal Anatomy and Physiology
  • Principles of Livestock Health Management
  • Animal Toxicology
  • Nutritional Physiology and Metabolism
  • Diseases of Wildlife
  • Communicating Knowledge in Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Natural History of Our Closest Relatives
  • Primate Behavior
  • Science Communication
  • Wildlife Management
  • Wildlife Conservation Behavior

Courses required to complete an undergraduate certificate in zoo and aquarium conservation at the University of Arizona are subject to change and other university policies, so remember to meet with your adviser regularly to review your course plan.

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